FORGET using online intake calculators or apps that tell you that you need to eating sub-1,000 calories to lose weight (~eye roll~)...... 


If YOU are interested in learning more about your body and what changes that YOU need to make in order to reach your goals - but are not quite sure that hiring an online coach is what is right for you? If so....


THIS 2-Week nutrition assessment package is for YOU!


This 2- Week nutrition assessment is the same process I take in order to initially assess the nutritional habits of each and every one of my online coaching clients.


Assessing CURRENT habits and HOW they have affected your body overtime is what allows any proactive online coach to be able to determine an appropriate nutritional prescription for YOU!




1. An individualuize nutrition protocl designs specifically for your needs 

- This will include caloric parameters, macronutrient paramaters, reccommended water intake, structured reccommended "free meal" schedule


2. My comprehensive Nutrition Guide

- This guide is roughly 50 pages full of education on what flexible dieting is including education on macronutrients, meal timing, recipe ideas, and grocery shopping lists


THIS option is exactly what YOU NEED if you want to determine what intake is correct for your body and if you think youre ready to learn how to implement flexible dieting into your life without the added accountability of having a coach! 



- Once purchased, keep an eye out on your email for an email with all of the needed instructions for this 2-week assessment from me which you will recieve within 24 hours!

One Time Nutrition Assessment


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