What is the Be Your Own #GOALS Wellness Guide?


This guide involves both aspects of achieving SUSTAINABLE weightloss - training AND nutrition. 


The first half of this program was created in order to TEACH you about the importance of proper nutrition in reaching any weightloss goal. The nutrition portion of this porgram is centered around the theory of flexible dieting and macronutrient tracking. It includes education on what flexible dieting is, why I believe it is the best way to begin and sustain a healthy weightloss journey, and how to use this method appropriately in YOUR own life. With this guide you will also have calculation areas where you can calculate your daily caloric need as well as your macronutrient ratios!


The training portion of this program is an 8-week training program which is heavily based in bodybulding style workouts. It includes 4 weeks of different 5-day muscle splits which are repeated in two separate phases. Each phase involves different set/rep schemes and tempos for each exercise. There is also a cardiorespiratory training plan for each phase- but do not fret, I am NOT a believer that insane ammounts of cardio are necessary to lose weight and sustain it, so I promise you will not be programmed to complete an hour of cardio per day! 


You hear it everyday- people saying that other people are "goals"- whether it be "body goals" or "hair goals" or "life goals" - we are all guilty of thinking it. The minute I realized that I CAN BE my OWN GOALS, everything changed for me. I stopped letting the women who were my "goals" make me feel jealous, and rather, used them to MOTIVATE me to REACH my goals! 


When you purchase one of my guides, you have 24/7 access to me via Instagram message to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have. I try my best to respond to all questions within 3 hours. Never feel alone- I am a RESOURCE for you!

Be Your Own #GOALS Wellness Guide


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