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Through finding my balance in health and fitness I have also found a passion for helping others find theirs

Being physically fit and being healthy are two things which go hand in hand. There is this picture which society has painted of what being "fit and healthy is", but I have come to find that being "fit and healthy" looks different on everyone. This is why I believe individualized coaching is the best route to take when you are looking to make a true lifestyle change.

There are fad diets and quick fixes out there that truly just do not work- there is no way for me to say it without being blunt. Cookie cutter plans that cause you to feel restricted are NOT sustainable for long term success. Balance is key, and by finding mine, I am now confident that I will be able to help you find yours. 


Truly making a change in your health comes from changing your H A B I T S. Being TRULY physically fit and healthy is a lifestyle; it is not following a plan for a given number of weeks, seeing some results, then reverting back to your old ways. It involves understanding what you are currently doing wrong by no longer making excuses about your current situation and actually taking A C T I O N S to make a change!

If you are motivated and dedicated to truly achieve your goals by making a true lifestyle change, then I would absolutely love to be able to help guide you. Although I can help, it is up to YOU to change your life! 

Online Coaching Request Form 

Please read this checklist before inquiring below 

- YES! I understand that a 3-Month investment into the BlspringFIT coaching program will provide me with resources and tools necessary to reach my goals but that only I can put in the work to make them happen

- YES! I know that coach Brit will be designing my nutrition and training protocols to individually tailor to MY needs to reach MY goals 

- YES! I understand that I have 24/7 access to coach Brit via text message and I can reach out to her at ANY TIME with ANY questions or concerns

- YES! I understand how important it is to have an open communication system in any coach/client relationship 

- YES! I know that it is MY job to submit my weekly check-in form and check-in photos on my assigned day each week

- Yes! I know that coach Brit will NEVER share progress photos without my permission first 

- YES! I understand that my training protocols will be created to be SUSTAINABLE in my lifestyle, that there is no "required" amount of time necessary, and that coach Brit CAN create me at home training protocols if I prefer

- YES! I know that investing in a 12-Week BlspringFIT coaching package is comparable to 3 months of working in-person with a personal trainer. BUT coach Brit has more knowledge about appropriate nutritional programming and will be there for me every step of the day (unlike those IRL trainers) 

- YES! I am aware that coach Brit will always be HONEST with me and as will I in return. I will accept her feedback, even if it is not what I prefer to hear, and will take her recommendations into account 

 YES! I am ready to use coach Brit and make behavior changes that will be sustainable for my lifestyle which will ultimately lead to me reaching my goals! I am ready to be DEDICATED and work my BUTT off :)

If this sounds like you - Inquire below!

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