My name is Britni Spring and I am a 25 year old health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping others to reach their goals.
I currently hold a bachelors degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston in the field of Exercise and Health Science as well as a masters degree in the field of Occupational Therapy. I have used my degree to help me launch my  online wellness coaching business with which I offer services in individualized nutrition coaching and online training. I also frequently run 12- week fitness challenges and create and sell training programs.   
I am a sponsored athlete for Til You Collapse  and Bowmar Nutrition 
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        Originally, I spent most of my time at the gym doing cardio with the hopes of losing weight. But, slowly my goals began to grow and eventually they completely changed. Rather than wanting to be "skinny" I found a true love for women with muscular physiques. This led me to getting more and more into strength training and bodybuilding. Not long after, a friend opened up my eyes to powerlifting which is a sport I once competed in and was nationally qualified! 
Upon having classes in nutrition programmed into my school curriculum I also found the importance of proper nutrition in reaching any sort of fitness goals. This truly opened my eyes to a much more holistic approach on fitness and wellness.
        I have progressed from a cardio bunny who just wanted to lose some weight into a competitive powerlifter who trains as a hybrid athlete (bodybuilding & powerlifting). The evolution of my fitness journey was not an easy one, and knowing where I started, I believe, has allowed me to be a better wellness coach to my clients.


I enjoy working with all people- if you are a driven individual who is willing to work hard to reach their goals, then I would love to help you do so in anyway that I can. Whether that be through nutrition coaching, online training, or both!

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